Illustrating with Watercolors


Materials: Michael's Artist Loft watercolor palette and colored pencils

 My first attempt at illustrating a character with watercolors. This was something I did last year and had difficulties with hair! Still need to practice making hair look good...

Watercolor Florals


Practicing watercoloring using the Michael's Artist Loft palette. I've been looking up youtube videos on how to watercolor and checking out instagram photos that are tagged #watercolorflorals and it's been a fun learning experience! The hardest part is figuring out how much pressure to put on the brush and how pigmented the brush needs to be. I am still very new to watercoloring and will continue to practice and post my creations on here. I usually post on instagram first since it's quicker:

Let me know if you have any tips and tricks for improving! :)

Happy Mother's Day!


Floral watercolor cards for some of the amazing mothers in my life! I've been wanting to experiment with watercoloring for a while and bought two Artist Loft watercolor palettes from Michaels. I bought them mostly because I was attracted to the inexpensive price and felt they would be a great start for a watercolor noob like myself. I watched a few YouTube videos on watercoloring to help get me started.

 If you're just getting started with watercoloring, I would definitely recommend this $5 watercolor set from Michaels:

Custom Chalkboard Designs Now Available!


Photos 1,2,5,6: By Sherry Lou Studio Photos 3 & 4: By

We are happy to announce customized chalkboard signs are now available for request! These are all hand written and hand drawn by me onto a chalkboard size of your choice. Frames are not included, unless you choose from the selection of pre-framed chalkboards we already have in stock (photos of available frames coming soon). However, the chalkboard we give you can absolutely be framed by your local frame shop. Please shoot me an email at for more details and to order. On average, the signs you see here range from $50-$150 each just to give you a ballpark estimate. Your custom design will vary in price depending on the intricacy of design. Feel free to ask any questions! :)

DIY Nintendo Remote Clutch Bag


Clutch bag
Red, white, and black acrylic paint
Textile medium
Paint brushes
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Nail polish remover
Cotton pad or ball
Pencil and ruler (not pictured)
Painters tape (not pictured)

1. Use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to prime the surface for painting 
2. Use painters tape to cover up areas you don't want to accidentally get paint on 
3. Mix black and white paint and textile medium together to get the light grey base color
4. Paint the surface with 2 coats of paint (add more coats if needed)
5. After the grey paint has dried, sketch out the remote design then begin painting the black areas
6. Use painters tape to help guide your lines and paint the rest of the remote design. Let the paint dry
7. Use the tip of a sharp pencil or paintbrush to dip into red paint and write the words
8. Use the foam brush to apply an even layer of Mod Podge over the entire painted area to help seal and protect it

This is by far one of my most favorite DIY tutorials I've ever done. It brings me back to my childhood days of playing my favorite NES games, Duck Hunt and Super Mario 3. I almost painted the Super Mario 3 game image onto the side of the bag, but decided to keep it simple and clean so it doesn't become too over-the-top and tacky. I love how wearable, trendy, cute, and chic this turned out. Although the design is simple, I spent A LOT of time trying to make everything as symmetrical and even as possible. The entire process took about 4-5 hours, with some snack breaks in between while waiting for the paint to dry.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you want this bag, but don't have time to paint, you can purchase it on the blog shop (click here)! If you plan on attempting this DIY, I would love to see your interpretation of this tutorial! Tag @sherryloustudio on your DIY Instagram photos. Have a great weekend!

Buy this bag:

DIY Beauty Bar Champagne Glasses


Gold spray paint from Home Depot (or any arts & craft store)
Plastic champagne glass from Dollar Tree
Beauty products

1. Spray paint the bottom of the champagne glass
2. Reassemble the cup together
3. Place any beauty items into the glass and you're done!

Here's a quick and easy way to jazz up a beauty bar for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, slumber party or any beauty event. I was recently in charge of decorations for a friend's bachelorette party and spray painted a bunch of dollar tree champagne cups without knowing what I was going to use them for. I just knew this party needed lots of gold, pink and black. Originally I was planning on placing all of the beauty bar items on a white plate, but it ended up looking extremely lackluster. Then I remembered I had these cups and voila! Magic happened. Of course having a nice sign behind these cups help make this look more polished. I drew the sign in the back with chalk marker, but I didn't take step-by-step photos of that since I was on a time crunch to get these decorations done.

Don't forget to share your DIY beauty bar photos! I would love to see your results. Tag me on instagram @sherryloustudio. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

DIY Captain America Painting


Acrylic paint, brushes, and canvas from Michaels. Black Uniball pen

Here's a Captain America painting I did for my fiancé's birthday back in February. All of the materials can be found at Michaels or any craft store. I didn't use anything fancy, just regular acrylic paint, a pack of multi-sized brushes and canvas. For all of the tiny text in the background, I used a black uniball pen. I wasn't sure how this painting would end up looking since I'm not the best at drawing human body proportions, but it helped having a reference image to look at while drawing/painting. The text in the background started off as a personalized message to my fiancé, but eventually I ran out of things to write and started describing the tv show I was watching at the moment.

Paintings are a wonderfully inexpensive way to give a personalized gift to someone if you have the time and patience for it. This took me about 3 weeks to complete and I spent maybe about 10-12 hours per week on it (can't remember the exact amount of time, but it felt like forever). The most time consuming part was sketching the initial drawing until I felt it was "perfect" because once I put paint on the canvas, there's no turning back.

Let me know if you have any questions about this! Have a wonderful week! :)