Pretty Little Liars


Sherry wearing Urban Outfitters floral shirt, Pink Zone red flats

A little fun with my best friends since Kindergarten & Middle School

I'm VERY excited for the Pretty Little Liars finale tonight! haha. I didn't think I'd love that show so much, but I do. Anyway, I styled two of my friends and we had a fun little photoshoot together. My little sister said it looked like we were doing a shoot for an ABC Family show so I made a few promos for our new fake show that will never premiere. :P


Jennifer just texted me from school and she's DONE with her test! FINALLY.


  1. Very cute! I really like your blog...keep up the great work xx

  2. You guys are so cute! I'm loving all your outfits.. I'm gonna follow you (will you follow me too?)

    I haven't seen pretty little liars yet, but I think I'm gonna watch them all online because I hear its a good show.