Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Review


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion $18

It'd be selfish of me not to share this with anyone who doesn't already know about Urban Decay's Eyeshadow primer potion(from Sephora).
It is an AMAZING eyeshadow base that's definitely helped keep Jennifer & I's eyeshadow on ALL DAY LONG without smearing or running down our faces. We love it!! It's easy to use and a pretty good price for the amount in the tube. It also makes the eyeshadow colors more vibrant so you don't need to keep packing on that eyeshadow trying to make the color stand out. Just one tip though, make sure you apply this and let it dry for at least 5 minutes (or longer if you want!) before applying any eyeshadow/eyeliner/other eye stuff otherwise it won't work as well and your eye makeup will still be prone to smearing, creasing and running down your face.

one more thing...

Has anyone ever been to pixiemarket.com? I just discovered it today and I'm lovin' what I'm seeing!

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  1. ive never heard of pixiemarket but the last dress is so gorgeous im now gonna check it out!

  2. I LOVE Urban Decay's Primer potion, i use it everyday :)

    No i have never heard of that site before, but im going to check it out now. Thanks for sharing :)

    Thank you for your comment, i love gossip girl :)

  3. i love your blog! you guys dress rreallyyy well. :) I'll follow, you definetly deserve more followers!
    thanks for commenting, follow if you want ;)

  4. yes, pixie market is awesome!! Loving the last look with 2 different prints! great blog dear xx

  5. Hope it's available in India.Nice blog.

  6. what is your favorite eyeshadow? i really cant find one that i love! thanks for the primer tip though. maybe that'll help what i already have!


  7. thanks so much for the sweet comment :)
    I have to say, i love your fashion sense!

  8. i need to try that base!! i've been on the hunt for something to make my eyeshadow last longer!! i'll let you know how it goes :)


  9. i LOVE the pixie market stuff!!! :) x

  10. Thanks for sharing! I love reviews like these. And wow! I'm loving the geometrical top!

  11. Love pixie market!! If only they have more pieces under $100! xoxoxoxoxoo

  12. @nyc lu: I've tried like a BILLION eyeshadows (Shiseido, Urban Decay, Hot Topic, Two Faced, Estee Lauder, etc. etc.) and I'd have to say Clinique and L'oreal are my favorite so far. They're great for everyday wear and aren't too sparkly and shimmery (that is, I always go for the more matte and or ones with just a tiny TINY hint of shimmer)

  13. Love every look from pixiemarket. Especially the leopard print skirt! I just got a similar skirt from urban outfitters.