color block


Jennifer wearing Sherry Lou handmade shirt, H&M skirt, ASOS knee high socks, Forever 21 shoes

I made this shirt last month and have it on reserve for a friend. But I do plan to make more so I can put it on Etsy. I really love this shirt and the black color blocks going through the front.

I'm currently in the process of sewing more clothes and getting them up on Etsy by the end of the month (if they don't all get sold out beforehand). I've had a lot of requests for shirts and haven't gotten the chance to even post most of them on Etsy before they get sold out. But I really want to make these shirts available to EVERYONE so I will reserve some just for Etsy. I know I also promised a tutorial on shirt making which I will complete tomorrow!! I didn't realize how busy I was and couldn't get it done before the New Year. But I WILL dedicated all of tomorrow to finishing up the tutorial.


  1. i love the color blocks of this shirt and also the fact that it's an off-shoulder style. so very fun and sexy!

    good luck with your sewing. can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. Oh that is so precious. I want one, the back of the shirt is so perfect as are the billowy sleeves!

  3. i love your shirt! such amazing style!

  4. Love this shirt! I love the color blocking and the sheerness in the back!

  5. the shirt is so pretty!


  6. I love this shirt! And the pictures are stunning :)