Sneak Preview


Photographer: Nicole Hill - Stylist: Chesley Carele - Model: Naduah from ANTM Makeup/Hair: Julia Hill Clothing: Sherry Lou

Sneak preview of a wonderful photoshoot that took place last Sunday and styled by the talented Chesley Carele featuring Sherry Lou Designs and worn by a former America's Next Top Model contestant, Naduah! I was thrilled when Chesley asked to use my designs for her shoot and on top of that an America's Next Top Model contestant was going to be modeling my clothes! ahhh! The whole team did a beautiful job. The makeup, photography, styling, and modeling... incredible. I'll post more photos up from the shoot in a few weeks when I get the rest of the images! I can't wait to see them! The shirt here is the "safari paint splatter" top currently in my Etsy Shop. Check it out here!

On a more boring note...
Right now I'm planning on changing the name/ URL of the blog. I'm not sure yet what I want to name it but I feel like it's just time for a change since I created this blog name a while ago, before I even knew what I would be blogging about so I hope everyone will stay with me through this change and new adventures to come! ALSO...THANK YOU for all of your support! (Fellow bloggers, readers and friends)! Honestly, you bloggers are the BEST and I'm thankful for every single comment, follower and new friend I've made. It makes blogging that much more worthwhile!

and no, my sister and I are not in a fight. haha. this isn't the split of "jenni & sherry"! because we are not splitting. we're sisters...forever. so there's no way we could ever split even if we wanted to. haha. I (sherry) created this blog so I could share whatever was on my mind about fashion, but also so my sister and I could keep each other updated on whatever we were wearing/buying while I was away for college. But now that I've graduated and moved back home, we see each other everyday and the initial point of the blog just kinda fizzled. She's also swamped with work and too busy to blog so she's happy I'm finally taking ownership of my blog and now I'll be able to blog on a more personal level with everyone and also lessen the confusion on who the heck is even writing all these blog posts and commenting on your blogs. IS IT SHERRY? JENNIFER? SHERRY? MY DOG? no, it's just Sherry. Don't worry, Jennifer will still be featured here! She's got the coolest stuff in her closet and ya'll haven't even seen half of it yet!

[EDIT] it's changed now! from jennifer & sherry to Threaded by Sherry Lou! :)

Anyway, here are some more amazing photos from Nicole L. Hill Photography:


  1. this is too awesome. AMAZING pictures.

  2. These shots are incredible!

  3. love the photos on your blog! i was contemplating changing my URL too, i keep seeing people with blog names that i love and i'm like aww that sounds so much better!! hehe following you xx

  4. OH!
    I love this pics!

    And i love your blog.... I follow you!



  5. loving the colors on the first image are exquisite.

  6. How fab! These pictures are gorgeous and what an awesome opportunity for you!! Congrats!

  7. SO excited for future posts from you, Sherry! You are fabulous. Loving the new blog name :)


  8. that is so amazing! as a huge ANTM fan of course I remember naduah ;) what a cool shoot!


  9. I loved those pictures are beautiful and inspiring

  10. I love these images they are fabulous!

  11. I can't wait to see the full photoshoot, that teaser pic looks great!