yesterday was perfect beach weather


Thrifted purse, Foreign Exchange tank top, AE shorts, H&M feather necklace

I was inspired by Modcloth's recent scrapbook-ish stylebooks and decided to create my own scrapbook-ish photo for fun. This outfit was from yesterday, and unfortunately I spent all day yesterday running errands and preparing for a trip to San Francisco instead of actually being at the beach enjoying the sunny warm weather. But that's okay because I am super excited about going to SF this week!

Totally off topic but I JUST received my bridesmaid dress in the mail (for my best friend's wedding in June) and it came with a complimentary thong! haha! That was totally unexpected and now I can't stop laughing at how amazing that is. haha. Has anyone ever gotten an unexpected "complimentary" gift in the mail?

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be gone in SF for the week! :)


  1. oooh cant wait to see you in that bridesmaid dress.. lol at the thong. :D
    wow, may i ask what did you use to edit the image into scrapbook-ish? im so following your blog right now.

  2. Love the scrapbook-ish photo!!!! LOVELOVELOVE(: makes me wanna stroll down the beach!

    Ah! what a funny friend(:
    I never receive somekind like that, sadly.. But my friend ever received a pantie full of her friends' signatures for birthday present xD

    Dreamy Princess

  3. Ooooh i love the scrapbook style of your photo! HAve fun in SF! and how hilarious about the free thong! hahaha! I'm getting married in 2.5 months and too bad i already gave my bridesmaids their dresses... it would've been funny to include a surprise in there too. haha!

  4. you are such a lovely girl, love your outfit and your blog !!

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