Jenni Feature: Musique Non-Stop


A dude shirt I snipped up to my liking.

I love that sense of creation when I start adjusting clothing to my own tastes and I've already taken a stab at sewing which is even better because there's more customization and incorporation of what I want without it being a fruitless trip to the mall searching for what they may or may not have.

Then there's also one of the best trends that have been back for awhile now and that's the maxi dress and maxi skirts. They're amazingly comfortable and adds instant style to a casual outfit while also matching with almost anything and everything. Cheers to my new favorite basic!

If you comment, please also tell me what your favorite basic is or just item of clothing that you tend to match with everything you wear. =)

And I think another fun thing to share would be your favorite detail that you've been dying to find in a store but for some reason, this amazing little piece of characteristic seems to be non-existent wherever you go!

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  1. i love the outfit combo! i think the maxi skirt is my fav basic too