Blazin' Yellow


Zara Yellow Blazer, Shirt from "Fashion Q" at Fashion Valley, Pink Zone Red Jeans, Urban Outfitters Mint Pumps

It's been almost a year since I last blogged and I am so not proud of it! Therefore, I am going to start off my recently refreshed blog with this bright yellow blazer from Zara and totally colorful shirt found at a super random store at Fashion Valley mall called "Fashion Q". I've been without a camera and busy working this past year I just abandoned my blog and left it to rust. Well, thanks to my lovely Boyfriend and my birthday being last week, I have a new camera! and what a coincidence I just happened to have a new lens to go with it and now I need to experiment with it by taking lots of pictures. Hurray!


  1. Your look is so colourful & cool! Like it!

  2. I love the colour combination. The yellow blazer is amazing. :) ♥ Angie

  3. oh Im glad I stumbled across your blog =) U are lovely! wellcome back to the blogging scene =)

  4. You have such beautiful outfits! I am now following you so I don't miss any posts! :)

    I'd also love to feature your designs sometime. Email me to keep in touch about it!

    Paige, from

  5. Amazing outfit :)
    Love the colors!
    Thanks for visit, I follow you now.
    xx Ilka

  6. AMAZING combo of colours dear!!
    I follow u !!
    Follow back? (:

    xx from

  7. Loving the mix match of colors~ the whole outfit is amazing!


  8. love the mix and match of the colors. this summer i am embracing colors. thanks for the inspiration.