Jenni Feature: Growin' in the Sunshine


InLoveWithFashion floral dress, Lita style boots from China 

 Hey ya'll! This is my older sister Jennifer wearing a lovely floral printed dress from I love the cut of this dress because it really elongates your legs and creates a shapely body for those of us who are lacking a bit of curves. Her shoes are from a store in Southern China and they're extremely soft and comfortable to wear! I have a pair of riding boots from the same store and they feel like pillows on my feet.

 It's been insanely hot down here in LA and San Diego so I haven't really gotten the urge to go out and take photos of me sweating up a storm in my daily outfits. As soon as I open my front door my makeup melts off my face and I start to glisten unattractively of sweat. I wonder if sweat-proof makeup exists?

 I hope everyone had a super weekend. I had a nice time relaxing at home in San Diego and now I am back in LA ready for another week of work! I am totally excited because I recently switched over to the PR & Marketing Department at work and that is definitely one of my many dream jobs to have. I hope I don't mess up and I hope this heat goes away SOON!

The title of this post relates to the Jane Dear Girls' song Wildflower :)


  1. OOO this dress is so beautiful! I love the print. It reminds me of a picnic lol

    1. haha. Thanks! I love the print too.

  2. nice outfit !

  3. Wow! Beautiful photos and amazing dress!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Beautiful dress and ur sister's rocking that shoes ^^ Thanks for visiting my blog. Yea, my breakfast was delicious. Mee Kolok is famous in Brunei and Malaysia, i tell you. Heheh