DIY Envelope Liners


Decorative paper (mine is from Michael's)
Glue stick

Step 1: Outline your envelope, but make it a 1/2 inch shorter. (notice how my envelope goes off the edge of the floral paper)
Step 2: Cut out the outlined shape
Step 3: Get your envelope
Step 4: Glue the backside of the cut out envelope liner
Step 5: Slip the envelope liner inside the envelope
Step 6: Secure the liner in place and make sure it's flattened and smooth

Here's a super easy way to dress up your envelopes. This little added detail is perfect for when you're sending out wedding invites, birthday cards, and any other special occasion mailings. I especially love doing this when I send out DIY holiday cards (future post coming up soon)! If you're planning on doing a mass mailing and need 100+ of these made, you can layer a few sheets of paper together and cut several out at a time. I know it's still probably very time consuming so maybe make it a fun group effort with some friends! I personally LOVE cutting pretty sheets of paper while watching Netflix or Hulu. Makes me feel like I'm being ultra productive.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this! :)