DIY Painted Gold Coasters


4x4" ceramic tiles (mine are from Home Depot)
Vinyl bumpers
Gold acrylic paint
Mod Podge or All Purpose Varnish (I used both, but forgot to add the Mod Podge to the photo)
Masking tape (I used washi tape)
Foam brush (I used both paint and foam brushes and found the foam brush works way better)

Step 1 & 2: Create a design of your choice using tape. Remember the untaped part is where the gold will be painted.
Step 3 & 4: Use the foam brush to paint a thick layer of gold paint onto the tile
Step 5 & 6: Let the gold paint dry before ripping off the tape. (I made the mistake of ripping it off while it was still wet and some of the gold paint smeared onto the white areas)
Step 7: Use Mod Podge, or any all purpose craft varnish, to protect and seal the gold paint. I brushed on two layers of mod podge before finishing it off with a layer of all purpose craft varnish. Let each layer dry before applying the next.
Step 8: Stick the vinyl bumpers onto the bottom corners of the tile to protect your table from getting scratched up by the tile. You can also glue felt squares to the bottom instead of using the bumpers.

Here's a fun DIY you'll enjoy if you like to paint and create pretty little squares. Painted coasters can be easily personalized and make great gifts for any occasion! They're useful and totally fun to look at. This was my first attempt at making painted coasters. I saw a few coaster DIY tutorials online and wanted to try it out with paint. I applied two layers of Mod Podge and sprayed on one layer of all purpose varnish to seal and protect the paint. Originally I wasn't going to use the Mod Podge, but after experimenting with one tile, I found that the paint looked even more awesome and protected with the Mod Podge layer. 

I hope this is as fun for you to do as it was for me. I'd be happy to see your creations! :) Enjoy!

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