DIY Gold & Glitter Dipped Glass


Glass Cup or Jar
Gold Glitter (mine is Recollections glitter from Michael's)
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Gold Spray Paint (mine is from Home Depot)
All Purpose Varnish

Step 1: In a well ventilated area, spray gold paint onto glass
Step 2: Wait 2 hours for paint to completely dry
Step 3: Brush mod podge onto the lower third of glass (I did this in sections so it doesn't dry out before step 4)
Step 4: Sprinkle glitter onto mod podge
Step 5: Spray all purpose varnish to set the glitter in place
Step 6: Done! Enjoy your new glitter dipped cup/jar

Glitter and gold seemed like the best way to begin the new year! I hope everyone had a wonderful few weeks enjoying the holidays. I've been seeing a lot of glittery goodness all over pinterest and wanted to try out this glitter dipped glass look. It was pretty easy to do, but required waiting time for the paint and mod podge to dry. The glass cup was on sale at Target for .30 cents so I thought this would be the perfect item to practice spraying and glittering on.

You can use a piece of paper or washi tape (something not too sticky) to help guide the mod podge and glittering steps to create a straighter line. I just eyeballed it and did it freehand to save time. I'm very happy with the outcome and plan to do this with some of my empty pasta jars.


  1. Fabulous idea! So beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  2. Super cute idea! So crafty. :) Love the finished product!


  3. What a wonderful idea ! It's really beautiful and so glamour!

  4. This looks so pretty, thanks for sharing :-) I have a lot of Martha Stewart glitter laying around so this made me want to glitter things! xx

  5. wow great DIY art:) I shall try it out!

  6. Love this - such a simple yet effective idea! It would be great for storing make up brushes in :)

    Eve & Faye x
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  7. what an amazing idea!

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