Rhinestone Watch from Born Pretty Store


Watch from BornPrettyStore.com // ZARA Coat // Lace Dress from Thailand //  Shoes from Burlington Coat Factory // Ivanka Trump Bag

I was given the opportunity to review this beautiful wrist watch from BornPrettyStore.com. They've actually got a huge selection of women's watches for under $10 plus free shipping! That's already a huge plus in my book. The one I'm wearing is the rose gold rhinestone watch with a shiny black patent strap. The strap was a little too big for my wrist so I had to poke an extra hole in it to make it fit. The actual design of the watch is pleasantly unique. The beads are fun to look at and the rose gold color adds an extra feminine touch to the watch. For being under $10, I think this watch is a great deal with a quality comparable to the watches at Target. Just note that the black strap is a glossy patent material and not a matte color. It fits comfortably and isn't too heavy or bulky feeling. I've been in search of a bracelet style watch so I'm definitely going to check out their bracelet watches as well!

The folks over at Born Pretty Store are generously offering 
10% off your purchase with code: SHERRYC10
(that means you can get this watch for $8.92! oh snaaaps)


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