DIY Bottle Cap Hat Hair Pin


Bottle caps
Cardstock or thin cardboard
Bobby pins
Glue gun
Embellishments- ribbons, beads, etc.
Paint brush

STEP 1: Trace a circle larger than your bottle cap
STEP 2: Cut out the circle. This will be the bottom/brim of the hat
Step 3: Paint the circle (and bottle cap if necessary). It takes at least 2 coats to completely cover any clear areas. Let dry completely before proceeding on. Usually a 1 minute wait.  Optional: You can paint any other designs like polka dots, stripes, flowers etc.
Step 4: After the paint has dried completely, glue the top and bottom pieces together
Step 5: Glue on embellishment and other decorations
Step 6:  Make a small dot with the hot glue gun and attach the bobby pin (flat side down). Let dry and ready to wear!

Here's a DIY brought to you by my crafty friend, Pauline, using bottle caps to make mini hat hair pins! These are adorably fun to wear with endless design possibilities. We would love to see your amazing designs and add it to our new DIY gallery coming soon! Email your mini hat and other DIY creations inspired by the blog to


  1. What a cute little idea! I always have plenty of bottle tops! I must try this!

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